Tuesday, June 18, 2019

June 2019 Planner Vlog

I wanted to share how I utilize my Business Projects Happy Planner, since it’s really starting to feel streamlined and simplified.  Gone are the days of overcomplicated schedules and notes that strain the eyes.
Marking things off has gotten a whole lot more motivating.  Because of the gray marker mark-it-off-as-done method, I can still see almost every project color very vividly while avoiding confusion over whether I meant to underline something, or if I meant to cross it off, or what color code the item was before...etc.  The pages look neater when they're finished.

I’ve added a few pages to my Happy Planner that don’t typically come with them, and I mention a few tips for planner newbies.  As a writer, I even make my own custom lined sticky notes for multiple uses—from documenting character arcs for every chapter, to writing chapter names, to making To Do lists, etc.  I’m excited how the process will change over time!

I haven’t even covered my other Happy Planner.  (You do get a glimpse of the crazy, though!)

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