Monday, June 10, 2019

YouTube: Community for Artists, Writers, and Entrepreneurs

Whether you intend to become (or are) an Indie author or you want to sell your works through another company, it is important to think of your brand and of yourself as a business entity.  Consistent calls to action for your audience, with clear goals and separation between your various ideas and projects, will help you to reach success and stay there.  This means you should write down your vision, plot out your path and what you need to learn and do, and then start completing each step, one at a time.  (Organization is the first key, communication is the second.)

For me, setting up for business was more difficult than it needed to be.  I was scattered, didn't even know what I needed to learn in the first place, or how to go about streamlining the processes and developing a system that works for overthinkers and overachievers like myself.  However, I want to ensure others do not have the struggle I did, or the stress caused by the unknown or the overwhelm.  So I have created a YouTube channel devoted to art and writing, and I have set up a few pages on Facebook where we writers and artists can support each other and where I will post help and inspiration videos, news, events, book and product releases, and more.  You can find the links to a lot of those in the sidebar next to this post.  The Facebook pages are listed on the Communities page.

Progress has been slow-going, but I am definitely seeing it.  So far this year, I have completed the designs for my publishing company's logo, updated my media banners across most of the social media outlets I am on, and set up or completed other important items for Brand Design.  I've created a board for many of the business steps I need to complete, and one by one I am checking them off.  And most importantly, I have been writing and creating art with the intent to sell and entertain.  My greatest love, after all, is reaching into others' hearts and minds, and inspiring them to feel.

Anyway, I wish you luck on your own projects!  May the rest of the year be productive, inspiring, and filled with blessings!


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