Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June 2018 Blog

Hi, guys!  We're halfway through another year, and I've got about a quarter of my 1st novel written.  It's exciting!  No more changing the story from here on out, this is the final version of my story.

The book is already at 70,000 words, so I'll have a huge edit to do, but it's great so far!  It's amazing to look at the completed outline and see so easily what needs done and what has been accomplished, where tiny fixes can be added, and what scenes will inspire some artwork for future merchandise.

Our vacation to Turner Falls and Castle Collins was a blast this year, and we revisited the Renaissance Fair in Muskogee, Oklahoma as well.  A first, however, was a trip to Oklahoma City, to visit the Myriad Botanical Gardens.  It was all very lovely, the various cultivars of exotic plants and the large school of coy.  We watched baby ducks and small turtles dip into the water while attempting to avoid the worst of the sun.  (Photos are at the end of this post.)

I still hope to finish my 1st draft by October of this year, but we shall see.  I will be giving out teasers as we get closer to completion, and maybe I'll post some of the art concepts, too.

I plan to continue working on the huge tasks I've set for this year.  I'm building cabinets, creating a garden, and working on a large number of business and writing related goals.

This year is still going strong, and there are still many things to keep me a mad little busywoman.

May the year continue to be as prosperous, busy, inspiring, and productive for you as well!

Castle Collins...

Turner Falls...

Myriad Botanical Gardens...

Renaissance Fair...

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