Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Renaissance Fair 2016 Cosplay - Shoulder Armor for the Hubby

My husband has been working hard on his Assassin's Creed outfit, updating it to personalize it for the Muskogee Renaissance festival this year.  Of course, he does the "easy" stuff.  Sewing.  I, on the other hand, am tasked with the serious details of designing and creating shoulder armor and stomach armor.  Turned out great, coming from a crazy nerd girl who was never taught to do anything crafty!  Tommy was stunned at what came from my staying up until 5 am a few days ago.  I would be much the happier if he voiced his opinions more, rather than lifting his devilishly arched eyebrows -- THAT EXPRESSION MEANS TOO MANY THINGS.

Ahem.  Anyway...Hehe.

The project made me think of my own characters and how their own armor will look.  Mmmm.  As a great lady (who is my friend) once said, "Thoughts, thoughtsies, thoughts..."

I would love to cosplay as one of my own characters, but I refuse to sew by hand ever again.  And my mother-on-law's sewing machine isn't working right.  Sad, indeed.

But look!  Isn't it gorgeous?!

The secret?  Draw it out on cardboard first.  Then use thin craft foam.  Layers are the secret sauce.  Lots and lots of layers (and repeating patterns).  And paint markers.  Those are required, too.

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