Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Funny Writing - The Hoarse Horse

After locating another novice line that just about killed me and woke up my sleeping husband, I knew I COULD NOT wait to post.  I had to follow it up with several close runners-up from my collection to keep you laughing.  Enjoy these novice lines!


I swallowed the horse in my throat and started to speak.

It was only like a five minute walk anyway, so for me running the way I was angry the way I was, I got there in no minute.

I had no right to feel pity on myself.

Emily stalked off in a hard walk.  If I didn't remember what just happened and how angry she was, I would have thought that she was modeling.

The cold front that started on the ball of my neck stopped swiping through my hair.

...the cool air I felt caressing the ball of my neck spoke.

Oh, my god.  I forgot I'm dead.  I'm not coming back.

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