Thursday, June 5, 2014

Funny Writing - A King

Ever cross a funny line while reading?  Funny Writing is beautiful comedic genius that happens on accident when a writer jots down a horrible line.  I am just as guilty as the rest, as I have employed my own bad lines.  But my job here is to share with you the lines that I find while reading.  Some of them are epic funny.  Others, very, very confusing.  Enjoy!


Not even a hair was out of place on the king's head.  He was always in perfect control.

He had to blink rapidly for a few moments to get used to the sudden optical stimulation.

Before long, he realized that his armpits were soaked with sweat.

My fingers ran through the soft hair of the earth known as grass.

The two of them sounded capable of a lot more than threats.

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